Rowntree Halt

The Ebor GRM has developed an extensive library of both books and magazines. There are in excess of 450 books. By necessity purchasing of books has had to be restricted to a consistent policy. This has included the best modelling books and books related to detailed history of rolling stock, signalling, road vehicles, buildings etc. Books on the NER and railways around York have also been collected. Historically, books on locomotives or general photo albums have not been a priority for purchase. However, the breadth of the collection is far wider as some books have been donated by members and recently a large and diverse collection of books has been purchased which has broadened the stock considerably.

The other part of the collection is a considerable number of magazines. All of the main British modelling magazines have been taken for many years – Railway Modeller, Model Railway Journal, Model Railway Constructor, Model Railway News and Model Rail and the newer Model Rail, Modellers Backtrack, British Railway Modelling, Hornby Magazine, G-scale, Larger Scale Modelling and Gauge O Gazette. The only magazine of the prototype which is routinely kept is Backtrack, but others are sometimes donated as are some of the magazines of Societies. Many of these magazines are donated by members.

The library also has a computer, which has an electronic list of all the books, to allow for easy searching of titles of interest.  The computer can usually also be used to browse the web and view DVDs.

Paul Bartlett, Librarian




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